Online Marketing for the 2020’s

Right on time! Introducing our Online Marketing skills designed for the 2020’s

  • Ecommerce Automations + Flows
  • Website Buildout Design and Activation
  • Website Updates to refresh your look
  • Email Marketing Campaigns with an emphasis on engagement strategies 

PennHouse Productions has been creating email marketing campaigns for our clients since the early 2000’s – yes, we got an early start and stay on top of current trends! This makes us uniquely qualified to manage and grow your email marketing lists, brand your messaging visually and with content, as well as manage your direct email communication tools, we’re fluent in multiple platforms.

Here are some current  examples:

If you are looking for an extension of your communication efforts, our highly qualified lists of over 15,000 subscribers are comprised of a broad cross section of subscription-based registrants. Most are located in metro Atlanta and the north Alpharetta area and are both men and women, mostly over 35, interested in art, entertainment, community + fundraising events, and interior design. Our subscribers are very involved in their community and show support through event attendance, ticket sales and retail purchases.

Our lists have been carefully and strategically cultivated for over 15 years and are constantly being cleaned, refreshed and utilized. We offer both opt-in and opt-out services in compliance with all spam laws.