Westside Cultural Arts Center


Westside Cultural Arts Center opened as a Art Gallery and Special Event Venue in late 2014 but attention and event business had fallen off sharply due primarily to a lack of clear and effective branding, positioning and ongoing marketing and sales efforts. PennHouse Productions serves multiple roles as Consulting Director of Sales + Marketing.


  • To reposition WCAC as an Event Venue geared towards professional planners, weddings and high-end fundraising events.
  • To recreate website and associated marketing materials in keeping with attracting a variety of events and organizations in a clear and polished manner.
  • Established a streamlined, organized sales process and response system to reduce confusion and delays in securing viable events and making the process easier for clients.

Challenges we were facing:

  • There was a general lack of visual clarity in all materials and the website, everything was dark and looked very clubby.
  • There had been no consistent marketing, sales or pr efforts for the past two years.
  • No clear sales goals, market evaluation or processes were in place.


  • Evaluated and analyzed entire branding, materials and processes and developed and executed a clear plan of action.
  • Redesigned Logo, website and all marketing materials
  • Developed a specific sales packet for Weddings + Artists
  • Repositioned social media posts with a consistent event + art message
  • Started an instagram account geared towards events
  • Developed a Sales Process, ensuring that decisions were made based on solid understanding of sales goals and objectives.
  • Developed a thorough lead generation and followup process.
  • Trained internal staff on value of process on how to use it.
  • As Director of Sales, conduct weekly sales meetings with staff to ensure goals are being met.
  • Consult regularly with Key Leadership regarding positioning, branding and tracking reporting.
  • Capitalize on our relationships to continue to introduce new audiences to WCAC.
  • Developing specific targeted email campaigns.
  • Developing and managing interactive social media campaign leading up to and during event.


Our actions have resulted in a thorough and effective rebranding of Westside Cultural Arts Center, who is now enjoying a much more robust event business with a focus on the Community sector, which is very important to their mission.