CNN Dialogues


CNN Dialogues event is a partnership between the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, CNN and the James Weldon Johnson Institute of Emory University. PennHouse Productions served dual roles as Program Manager and        Marketing Consultant.

Objectives + Background:

  • To successfully manage and deliver nine CNN Dialogues over the course of three years.
  • Collectively the partners wanted to develop a series of topics and public forums to attract a dedicated audience.

The challenges facing us:

  • Developing a new program
  • Gaining awareness for a new program
  • Very limited advertising budget
  • Different venue selection for each dialogue


  • Providing the organization with the necessary guidance in order to make growth and transition sound and professionally presented.
  • Ensuring that the decisions made were based on a solid knowledge base.
  • Providing coaching services during the development of the programming and ensuring brand development, recognition and loyalty.
  • A detailed project plan, deadlines and proposed budget were agreed upon with the client, and weekly update meetings were set up to ensure regular contact and that all of the objectives were met.
  • Several venues were considered for each event. Each was selected based on the topic. Events took place at the Carter Center, The Rialto, The Rich Auditorium at the Woodruff Arts Center, Grady High School, Morehouse and the final dialogue will be at Spelman Colleges.
  • Supplying the core leaders of each organization with valuable advice regarding decision making.
  • Helping the client in making the needed contacts and embarking upon the appropriate networking activities for the growth of CNN Dialogues.
  • Interacting and managing all three institutions’ objectives by managing a weekly conference call.
  • Developing specific targeted email campaigns.
  • Developing and managing interactive social media campaigns leading up to and during event.


Our actions resulted in the successful launching of each CNN Dialogue to ensure proper audience and community involvement, managing the mission and production and promotion of each CNN Dialogue, while maintaining a watchful and conscientious eye on budget.